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What are Tiny Homes for Grownups and why would I want one? 

Tiny Homes for Grownups are a bigger, more durable, more permanent, and higher quality version of the Tiny Homes that most folks have become familiar with in the past few years. While the tiny houses on wheels made so popular by Jay Shaeffer are really cool in so many ways, we've found that building & living on a trailer was just too limiting in terms of design, and we found that our clients want to embody many of the elements of tiny and simple living, but in a more robust and permanent structure. Our buildings are between 300 and 1000 square feet of living area, are constructed in our facility in Friendship, Maine, and can be delivered to be installed on a foundation where you are. We specialize in classic traditional aesthetics, with state of the art, super efficient and healthy mechanical systems. 


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